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The swish of the cane
the screams of pleasure and pain.
Pegs and clamps
make you damp.
Gags and blindfolds
sensations new.
Dripping wax all over you.
The marks of love that some
can not understand .

Bottom red nipples sore.
Talking dirty.
You little whore.
Vanilla this is not
Too dam hot.

Your hair pulled you love
While wearing cuffs.
He uses you in ways he sees fit.
Making your clit twitch.
Orgasams more Intense
Like never before.
When he utters those words
"Come you whore"

Bdsm love.
Erotic poetry.
She bends to please .
Other times she is on her knees.
With his  coller around her neck
She knows what to expect.
Her Sir will call for her.
His toy his joy.
She is only his .
Fullfilling every wish .

She likes to be spanked
While bending over his knee.
Spread for him to see.
Raising his hand it connects
with her bottom making her wet.

Red but not raw with a little sting.
Below she begins to sing.
Pulsating throbbing .
The vibes of her body can not
be ignored,her eyes look up to her Sir.

He can be mean depending on his mood
Not telling her what she needs to hear
making it hard to bare.
He keeps her waiting .
She is melting.
Her body on fire .
Only he can put out the flames
when he gives the command .
Only then
Thinking about you alone
far from home.
Wondering are you thinking too
Imagining you do.
If like me you will see .
May be feel.
Some things are real.

They don't have to be in reality
Nor is it insanity.
It's a feeling between two.
Words on the screen that
come alive day or night.
It just seems so right.
She waited knowing he would arrive soon.
It was the first time she had ever met any
one this way.
Needing to feel someone close.
Her toy satisfied her ,well in truth it used to.
Nowadays she was not so sure.

A piece of throbbing silicon is not what you
would call romantic.
She wanted something more.
It had been too long .
Two years since her and her ex split.

That is when she bought her toy and since then
they had become inseparable.
It was almost like an addiction.
Taking her a long time to realise this was not
the answer.

She was a good looking woman .
Shoulder lenth hair a natural blonde
blue eyes.
A curvy figure ,full breasts.
Her legs long and slim.
Every one who knew her could never understand
how she could be alone so long.
Only she knew.

She was hoping this stranger would put right
this inner craving that was inside her.
As if to break her thoughts the door bell rang.
She was dressed in a short black dress. Heels.
Underneath matching lingiere.
She walked down the hallway to open the door.
It was nine pm the time they had both agreed on.

He stood there red short hair and green eyes about six foot tall.
Grey suit white shirt red tie.
He introduced himself and told her from now on
she will call him Sir.
She looked at him and with a quiver in her voice said "Yes Sir ".
Leading him to her bedroom he told her to undress leaving just her panties on.
The tone of his voice instantly made her wet.
As slowly each item of clothing fell.
She stood there in her panties her nipples erect.
On seeing this he smiled.

He pulled out of his pocket a black silk blindfold and covered her eyes.
Taking off his tie he bound her hands.
Gently laying her on the bed she was now at his mercy.
She heard a match strike and knew.
Omg she thought this is really going to happen.
The wax dripped on her breasts and nipples.
A mix of pleasure and pain.
Now below was also melting .
She knew her panties were moist.
The wax hit her tummy and continued down on to her panties.
These he now removed.
She was glad she was shaven as she felt the hot  drops as they hit their target.

What he did next she was not prepared for .
She felt him insert his two fingers inside her.
At first slow then pushing deeper increasing pace.
She so wanted to cum but knew she wouldn't before he gave his word.
That she knew was one of the main rules.
She wanted to be a good girl.

As the pressure became almost unbearable he said "cum for me "
As she came it was a feeling new to her.
An erupting volcano spewing it's malten lava.
Never ending or so it seemed.
Every part of her body was throbbing.

He untied her took of her blindfold ,told her he was willing to train here futher.
She caught her breath and said "Please Sir"
Yes he was the one .
Who would take care of her inner cravings.Those cravings  that her ex could or would not understand.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Born in Nottingham England ,Living in Germany.

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